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Fourth Grade

Intro Video

Supply Wish List

4th grade supply list

Learning Highlights

  • Reading: Inferences, main idea, summarize, theme, compare/contrast, context clues, character, setting
  • Writing: Writing to text and using evidence to support opinion
  • Math: Place value, multiplication, division, area, 2-3 dimensional shapes
  • Science: Energy, matter, plant reproduction, heredity, rocks, space, scientific method
  • Social Studies: The study of the history, culture and government in Florida

Curriculum Resources

ELA- ELA Parent Guide 

Math- B1G-M and Math Standards


  • Please have your child read at least 30 minutes nightly.
  • Also, continue practicing multiplication facts. Students will continue to have timed tests on the facts weekly.

Wish List

Donations of hand sanitizer, cleaning wipes, tissues, pencils and erasers are always appreciated.

Read at home!